Catcher Scribe Notes: John

John Plewes

Chapters 16-18 Discussion Notes

  • The nuns are innocent, but they talk about Romeo and Juliet, which is a not so innocent story. This is a conflict of innocence similar to Holden’s life.
  • Holden fears what is insincere. Holden is insincere and sees it in other people. He is a liar and sees other people as liars too.
  • Holden trusts no one and assumes no one is trustworthy
  • Holden doesn’t know whether he belongs on the see-saw
  • Holden has a serious conflict of growing up
  • Holden just wants to be taken care of, like the ducks
  • Holden actually cares about Sally
  • Tate noticed Holden eats same thing on 2 pages
  • Tate is the second coming
  • Holden has gotten to the point where even Sally won’t run away with him. He seems hopelessly lost.
  • Holden is so self-focused, he never hears anyone
  • Holden is a phony, so he expects everyone to be phony as well
  • He never expects anyone to listen to him
  • Holden is definitely depressed
  • JD Salinger is unhappy about the ending of the movie with the soldier. The fact the woman is crying over the reality that is false is what makes him very upset
  • JD Salinger = DB

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