Catcher Scribe Notes: Gabby

Catcher in the Rye Notes

Chapters 22-26

* Holden talks a lot about his depression, and he is still calling people phony.

* Pg.170 What did you think about windows? Suicide

* Pg.104 Holden feels like jumping out of the window, but he had to be sure that someone would be there to cover him.

* Pg.162 “The doctor movie”

* A boy whose brother died from “natural causes”, he is always talking about death, and suicide.

* He would rather have a tumor, or be shot in the gut then live. Always I would jump out of the window, but I won’t.

* This shows that Holden wants to be with his brother in heaven.

* If Holden wants to join Allie in heaven, Holden cannot kill himself, something or someone had to kill him.

* Phoebe asks what Holden likes and the only thing he says is Allie. The only thing he wants to be is the “catcher in the rye”.

* Holden wants to be that body catching the other bodies before they fall.

* Holden’s whole life is built on a lie, this false expectation.

* Pg.170 When Phoebe asks Holden what he likes, when can he only think about the nuns?

* He cannot stop thinking about the nuns because he knows that he cannot kill himself to get to Allie, and the nuns remind him of this because they are connected to God.

* Holden then calls his teacher Mr.Antolini who saved the boy in Holden’s old school from jumping out the window.

* Holden likes him because he feels that Mr.Antolini will cover him up if he jumps off.

* Pg.120 The Museum of Natural History- Childhood is like this long hallway, where you always have a leader, and a partner, and you will never be alone.

* As a kid when all of your things fall, there is always that one teacher that stops her life, and comes to help you.

* When you’re a kid, and you mess up you are always told nicely, not to do that.

* However, when you are an adult you can get arrested, and get kicked out of school.

* The Natural History Museum- nothing changes here, you can come back a million times, as a kid, or adult, and everything will still be the same.

* But, when you come back as an adult you will be wearing a trench coat.

* Just as the trench coat was covering the boy who jumped from the window.

* Holden is missing his trench coat.

* The puddle of water mixed with gasoline, so pretty on the outside, but then on the inside it is bad, and messy it ruins the water.

* If you touch the puddle you will become ugly.

* This is exactly what it is like with Holden and the women he encounters.

* Pg.187 The man keeps falling and falling.

* Holden wants someone to care for him, and pick him up when he falls.

* Pg.188 The mark of an immature man vs. mature man. Relates it to the student of Froid, who committed suicide.

* Pg.191 Holden is freaked out when he is at Mr.Antolini’s house.

* He wakes up and Mr.Antolini was patting his head.

* Holden calls Mr.Antolini a pervert, and Holden says, he has to leave.

* Holden has experienced this before.

* Holden wants to save all of these children from experience.

* This is about being forced to grow up, and changing.

* Is Holden like a puddle with gas, or is he like Romeo and Juliet, or like the nuns, who are innocent.

* Pg.201 “You can’t trust anybody in a school.”

* What happens to Jane?

* He does not even seem to care about Jane anymore.

* Holden is on a quest, but his quest is life.

* His real prize is Jane, but his real prize it is if you can be both innocent and experienced, this is his real goal.

* Jane is just a distraction a long the way, the perceived goal is no longer important.

* This is called “quest literature”

* Jane is a false reward, and this is why Holden never calls her.

* Holden meets these kids in the Museum, and they want him to take them through the mummies.

* Two boys, there is always two, always having a partner.

* The two boys remind him of Allie and him.

* The two boys leave, and he is left there a lone in the tomb, just like his favorite person in the Bible.

* He then sees a demon; f u is written, in red.

* Red hair, the red hat, now in red.

* Can something so comforting be so evil.

* Holden leaves, and he could see Phoebe from a mile away, with a “suitcase”.

* Phoebe really wants to come with Holden.

* Phoebe keeps asking Holden, and he tells her she is not going, he tells her to shut up.

* Holden makes Phoebe experienced, because Phoebe curses and tells Holden to “shut up”.

* Pg.211 Holden is afraid Phoebe will fall off the carousel, but he does not even try to save her.

* This is a completely different Holden, he says you just have to let the children reach for it, and if they fall they do.

* It starts to rain this means change, go into the water as one thing and come out as another, (Baptism).

* We see rain at Allie’s funeral.

* Everybody goes under a cover, but Holden stays there.

* He says that his jacket and hat protected him.

* But, his stomach does not get wet, just like Allie’s stomach at his funeral.

* Has Holden changed?

* Does he achieve his quest?

* “If you want to know the truth”

* He actually knows what he thinks, because he is always lying when he says that.

* Why did this book kill people?

* People thought that they were doing a good thing by killing people, by taking them out of their misery, and innocent vs. experience.

* These people look at the book, and look at people who are falling, and they take that as let me kill you to help you before you fall.


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