Indian Education Class Research and Analysis Project

You will work in assigned groups to create a powerpoint that accomplishes all the tasks below. You will need to choose one person to organize the information into one clear and cohesive powerpoint and then post that powerpoint in a comment below.

Be sure to use proper MLA format, use in-text citations and create a flawless Works Cited slide at the end. OWL Purdue <; can help you accomplish this.

You will receive two grades for this assignment, an individual (70 pts project ) and a group grade (30 pts participation). So be sure to put your name on any slide within the powerpoint for which you are responsible for content. Your group grade will based upon my observations of your ability to work together effectively in class as well as peer evaluation forms you’ll complete after your powerpoint has been uploaded.

There are no “easy” answers to these questions. You can’t just type them into google and let a magic search engine generate an answer for you. You’ll have to use the greatest computer in the world for that! Your brain (don’t role your eyes at me…it’s rude!). Work together, use responsible research skills and careful reading of the story to help. And remember, to support your statements with the story and/or outside information. This gives your statements credibility.

Your final product should be easy to understand and visually appealing. Although it is being created by a whole group of people, it should look cohesive and well put together.

You can do this!

1. Who is Sherman Alexie? Write a short (1-2 paragraph) biography of him and find an image to accompany it. Do not cut and paste a complete biography from another site. Use at least three resources to complete your original biography.

2. Now that you know something about Sherman Alexie, do you see any similarities between him and the narrator in Indian Education? Write a short (1 paragraph) compare/contrast paragraph to demonstrate what you see.

3. Alexie uses quite a few Biblical (from the Bible) allusions in the Second Grade portion of Indian Education. Identify which stories from the Bible the following quotes from Indian Education allude (the verb form of allusion) to. You don’t need to know the Bible in order to do this. Google can help you on this one but you’ll have to use your reading and analysis skills to find the answer. Google cannot think for you.
          a. “made me stand straight for fifteen minutes, eagle-armed with books in each hand”
            (hint: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
          b. “she crumpled up the paper and made me eat it”(hint: prophet)
          c. “cut my braids or keep me home from class” (hint: Hey There, Delilah)
          d. “indian, indian, indian.”  (hint: three times)
          e. “Yes, I am. I am Indian. Indian, I am” (hint: burning)
4. Now that you know what story in tha Bible “cut my braids or keep me home from class” alludes to you can explain the significance of hair in the following quotes throughout the story. Write one paragraph that discusses this significance, it’s relationship to the Biblical story and what it symbolizes in Indian Education.
          a. First Grade: “My hair was too short”
          b. Second Grade: “either cut my braids or keep me home from class”
          c. Second Grade: “dragged their braids across Betty Towle’s desk”
          d. Twelfth Grade: “cap doesn’t fit because I’ve grown my hair longer than it’s ever been”
5. Recently there has been a lot of talk in the press about the Red Skins being required to change their name. In the Eleventh grade portion of Indian Education, Junior says, “This morning I pick up the sports page and read the headline: INDIANS LOSE AGAIN. Go ahead and tell me none of this is supposed to hurt me very much. ” Do some research about the controversy surrounding the Red Skins name change. Write a paragraph detailing the Red Skins controversy, explaining what Junior means by the quote, how the quote and Red Skins situation are related and how Junior might respond to the Red Skins situation. Use the text and your research to support your statements. Please remember that this story was written prior to the Red Skins situation. This quote is not an allusion to this situation but they share commonality and the two situations can inform us of each other.
6. Is Junior a racist? Support your response with the text and at least one outside source.
7. What is the following quote an allusion to, “It’s a good day to die, it’s a good day to die”. How does the use of this allusion help to set tone, mood, setting as well as aid in characterization?
8. Alcoholism, and poverty seem to be motifs found in Indian Education. Research life on an Indian Reservation. What roles do alcohol  and poverty play in life on a reservation? Why? How realistic is the Post Script of Indian Education. Write one or two paragraphs exploring all of this and use the text and at least two outside sources to support your statements.
9. As a class, come up with your own question concerning the story, research the answer and write a one paragraph answer that uses the text and at least two outside resources for support.

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