Catcher in the Rye Chapters 5-9 Scribe Notes

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4 thoughts on “Catcher in the Rye Chapters 5-9 Scribe Notes

  1. Leaders Anvar and John
    Chapter 5
    • Snowball fight
    • Watching movies he didn’t liked.
    • Hat may symbolizes his brother
    • Why is Holden bad?
    o Maybe it is because his brother died
    Chapter 6
    • Holden doesn’t tells us everything
    • He feels secure and confident with his hat
    • Holden`s hat may be connection to his brother
    • He really likes Jane
    Chapter 7
    • He is being phony
    • He is religious
    • Hate to Ackley
    Chapter 8
    • Lies a lot (to women in train station)
    o Doesn’t want to let her know who he is
    • He is lying to us a lot
    • Asks old women out, lies to us when he tells that she is beautiful
    • Holden plays games of lies because he wants to protect himself
    Chapter 9
    • He goes to payphone but doesn’t call to anybody. Maybe because he just want to avoid everybody.
    These chapters are about purity and impurity, he is mad about it.
    Holden is obsessed about difference (purity) about childhood and adulthood (impurity).
    Allie will never be affected by society. Society makes people impure.
    He doesn’t want to e alone and gets others mad, so they have to talk with him.
    He feels only anger.
    He is interested in ducks.

  2. -The idea of Purity and Impurity

    -Is the idea that Allie is pure and perfect really true?
    -Holden has built the image of Allie in his head and is not really true.

    – Stradlater was mad at Holden for what?
    -Holden wrote Stradlater’s paper on something totally different from the topic.

    – Holden has turned into Ackley symbolically after he has been hit.

    – Holden has decided to run away.
    -This has happened before when he did not attend the game.
    – He is running away from school.
    – Holden’s hat is the one thing that keeps him warm.

    -A mother of Pency school sits next to Holden on the train.
    -Holden lies by saying his name is the janitors.
    – Holden lies by telling the mother that he was going back home early.
    -Holden actually hates Earnest which is son of the mother.

    -Holden gets off the train in New York.
    -He wanted to call someone, but he could not because he did not want his parents to find out.

    -Holden then asks the cab driver something.
    -He asks what happens to the birds when the lake freezes over.
    -The ice skates make Holden feel sad.

    -Holden arrives at his hotel.
    He looks out two windows and sees purity in one and impurity in the other.

    -Holden called Faith in the city.
    – He wanted to meet, but she did not want to meet up.

  3. Historical perspective:
    • Love was not as important as politics.
    • 1950 the beat movement was popular, people hoing against the normal style of doing things.
    • World wars had a big influence on the books and writers aswell as people
    • in the catcher in the rye people are labled as phonies. Phonies are “fake people”
    • They needed to eliminate the phonies
    Teenager group
    • Teens, when reading this novel they are mostly learning about how hard it was for teens to be heard.
    • Holden is a bad liar and as a narrator can not be trusted.
    Literary group
    • The people felt that the novel had a bad plot because they were new to a book with a teenage protagonists
    • Vulgar language, sexual content were not tolerated by the public
    • The book was different because the parents thought that it set a poor example for there children
    • At the time the book was banned due to the examples that it set such as killing, sexual content and vulgar language
    • The book has grown and aged to be exepted with the people of todays world.nmost of the things found in the book have been accepted now
    Biographer group
    • He wrote a book to reach out to people facing “phonies”
    • Late in the 1980s he took a english writer to the supreme court for trying to attempt a movie
    • He went to Valley Forge academy as a child
    • Growing up he never had enough love from his parents

    Class discussion on the novel chapters 5 -9
    • How do Holdens actions tie into him losing his brother?
    Holden losing his brother made him very scared and made him very untrustworthy as to who he could express himself too.
    • Does holden have any friends? How does he feel about Ackley?
    Holden judges everyone and calls everyone a phony. But Ackley is someone he can bring to places so that he does not go alone
    • The snowball on the window.
    Not throwing the snowball because he didn’t want to be the person to mess up the snow scape
    Letting the snowball go before he entered the bus

  4. Who is J.D Salinger
    -Terrible liar
    -Kicked out of for bad grades
    -Went through post war stress, which many believe to be the time when he wrote the Cather in the Rye

    What about J.D Salinger his life that has receives attention?
    -J.D Salinger has written many other books but he doesn’t want them to be published.

    What effect has he had on family and friends
    -Kicked his daughter out of the house
    -Lost respect for her
    -Many who read his books are impacted mentally

    What about JD Salinger is in Holden
    -Alienated from society

    The Historian
    -Women were looked down upon for example there were no laws against rape or marriage
    -After world war 2 industry expanded and a lot of economic growth in America
    -After war art and architecture changed
    -Science fiction became popular in books and literature
    -Rock and roll and blues were popular during this time.
    -College football and Jack Robinson were popular sports factors.
    -This was the time of the cold war against Russia

    The teenagers

    -is Holden a reliable narrator?
    No he is not because he goes back and forth a lot, hes writing this from a hospital, which leads us to believe he is unstable.

    -Women and men go to different classes. Women would learn to knit and cook while men had a read education.

    -Women stopped wearing skirts all the time.
    -Teenagers have someone to relate to when reading this novel. They read a connection through his perspective.

    Literary critic
    -Catcher and the rye was not most banned book for a period of time due to its sexual language and rebellious behavior
    -Reviews were negative
    -Some thought it was humorous
    -Opinion about the book changed because society changed over time and became more open minded.

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