Catcher Chapters 1-4 Scribe Notes

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5 thoughts on “Catcher Chapters 1-4 Scribe Notes

  1. Holden hates phonies. Before Stradlater leaves, holden is scared that something might happen sexually between Jane and Stradlater. He is worried because he has feelings for Jane deep down. When Jane arrives and is waiting downstairs for Stadlater, he says go downstairs and say hi if you want. Holden said he will but doesn’t this shows that holden is a phonie himself.
    Football (Game)
    P.2 The entire school is at besides Holden.
    P.8 No Game. Life’s a game, yet holden still doesn’t want to participate in
    Fencing Holden doesn’t participate at the game
    P.31 and P.32 Checkers with Jane and he enjoy participating, yet jane doesn’t
    Stradlater makes his own rules of life. For example he leaves the game at half time to take the girls out
    Holden chooses to not participate in the game of life

  2. The Catcher in the Rye

    Met new characters: Stradlater, Ackley and Jane.

    Why did we meet if Holden is going away?

    When the name Jane Gallagher appears, Holden can’t stop himself. He describes himself various times as nervous. Also he can’t go say hi to Jane Gallagher and ends up telling Stradlater to send his regards. All of this shows who he is. He is unstable and particular. Also his attitude is most of the time negative. Stradlater uses Holden so that he can do his homework.

    Pattern (the word “game” appears constantly):

    Pg 2:
    The game is very important and everyone is supposed to be there but him.

    Pg 3:
    Holden isn’t paying attention to the game.

    Pg 8:
    Life is a game Holden says and he thinks he is loosing.

    Pg 19:
    Ackley is not at the game. Everyone is there except Holden and Ackley.

    Pg 25:
    Stradlater is part of the winning team but he leaves. He attracts Holden because he is on the winning team under his own set of rules.

    Pg 32:
    The fact that Jane is like Stradlater in the sense of being in the winning team also attracts Holden. Jane doesn’t move her kings and does not loose. She plays her own game.


    Holden has no game.
    Holden wants to win at his own game.
    Holden is unaware of his own dislike.
    Jane is in control of her own game and she can play it safely.
    Holden wants to be unique.

  3. William Bushamuka

    • Holden tells us a lot about together people, He gets annoyed a lot. He finds conclusion to a lot of things.
    • Holden contradicts himself a lot
    • He talks bad about Ackley and then he invited him to the movies
    • Ackley likes to pick up a lot of things and is kind of annoying
    • Some of us thinks that Holden thinks he’s a bit dominate
    • Holden doesn’t really care in what he does
    • Holden feels like he has some guilt but doesn’t really want to show it
    • Can we trust Holden? No we cant
    • Author is trying to mess with our mind
    • Pg2 Holden doesn’t participate in the football game that everyone is at
    • Pg3 Holden doesn’t really care about the game, and he’s not at the game
    • Pg8 He thinks that life is a game, and he is losing
    • Pg19 Ackley was the only guy besides me who wasn’t at the game
    • Pg25 Stradlater is playing the game everyone is at the game and so is he. Stradlater is cool because he’s at the game and can still leave the game and play his own game.
    • Pg31 Jane doesn’t play the game, but she makes her own game. Jane is like Stradlater because they play their own game. And both of these people Holden likes a lot.
    • Holden wants to play the game but he can’t. Or maybe Holden doesn’t want to play the game. Maybe he has the fear of losing.
    • Holden is a spectator of the game

    The Catcher and The Rye

    What did you see?
    – Saw imagery of Holden running to spencer’s house to catch his breathe (imagery)
    – Tried to find connection towards real life murders

    Who is Holden?
    – He 16 in book 17 when he wrote it
    – A bad kid
    – He doesn’t care = When he got expelled from school it wasn’t a big deal to him. A lot of people at his schools were phony to him
    – He may not see the point in school

    Pg. 14
    – It shows that Holden doesn’t really care about school but he might be lying and we don’t know how to find the truth in what he is saying

    Miss Gareis lied to the class in omission by not telling all the rules of the homework.

    What word and images did you see over and over?
    – Phony and boy

    1. When Holden sees something he doesn’t show his feelings he is just angry on the inside (passive aggression).

    Patterns in the book by Page #

    -Holden is not at the game
    -He doesn’t care about the game
    – Life is a game and Holden Is losing.
    – Ackley is not at the game. Holden does not like Ackley. Holden hates the only character he has in common with.
    – Stradlator plays his own game and have fun with girls. (HOLDENS CRUSH JANE).
    Pg. 31
    – Jane plays her own game (checkers).

    Holden hates himself.
    Attracted to people who play their own game.
    Wants to be apart of a game or mad cause he cant play his own game

  5. Zack Boczar
    English 11

    -Holden is “phony”

    -Psychological Term for someone that feels aggressive on inside but pacifist on the outside: Passive Aggressive

    -Holden is a liar
    Ex. “I am the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life”

    -He is very hypocritical

    -You cannot trust Holden

    -Holden is judgmental and is constantly making nasty comments about people to himself

    -The reason that he is so judgmental is because he is SO insecure about himself

    -He always has mixed emotions and easily turns on people, when they do something that he does not approve of

    Pg. 2- Holden is not at the game

    Pg. 3- Holden doesn’t care about the game

    Pg. 8- Holden is loosing the game

    Pg. 19- Ackley is not at the game

    Pg. 25- Stradlater makes his own game

    Pg. 31- Jane plays her own game

    Everyone is playing their own game

    Life is a game

    Holden is not playing in the game

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