Dissection Homework

Dissection Homework

American and Honors American Literature

PRINTED and due IN CLASS on the 28th/29th

First choose your favorite novel. If you really cannot think of your favorite novel choose your favorite movie. This should be a novel or movie that you know very well. Answer each question completely. This is your FIRST homework assignment. Show me what you can do. I expect complete sentences, careful consideration of spelling, word choice and punctuation use as well as thoughtfully expressed content. You may handwrite or type this assignment (you must print it BEFORE class…no excuses such as “the printer’s not working” will be accepted). Good luck! Miss G-


1. Is this a book or a movie?

2. What style of narration is used?

3. Who is the protagonist?

4. Who is the antagonist?

5. Who is the foil?

6. What is the inciting incident of the story?

7. What is the rising action?

8. Explain the climax of the story.

9. Detail the resolution of the story.

10. Were there any examples of allusion, foreshadowing or irony? If so what were they?  If not choose one and give an example from another source.

11. What would you say was the theme of the story?

12. What is a motif that can be found in the story?

13. What is the mood of the story?

14. Can you identify any symbols within the story? If so list them and explain what they symbolize. If not choose one from another source and explain its meaning.

15. Have you ever seen this story somewhere else? What about it reminds you of another story, poem, song, movie, or real-life situation you’ve encountered. Do you think the connection was intentional? Explain.

For a possible 8 extra points use the terms plot, round character, flat character, dynamic character, static character, setting, metaphor and tone to further your discussion. Please underline them within your answers.


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